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Taking a test drive in the world of automotive blogging

January 3, 2011

So here it is…my first blog post.  Ever.  While social media certainly isn’t new to me (Facebook is a frequently-used app on my Blackberry and I even once had a Myspace account), the idea of blogging only recently came to mind for me.  As evidenced in the “About” tab on my page, this blog is designed as an outlet for me to share my thoughts and opinions on cars currently on the market, auto industry trends, and some quirky observations gained from driving a few too many rental cars while traveling on business.  I also plan to spend some special time dedicated to talking about cars, new and old, that are on my long-term “wish list.”  Over the next year, and possibly beyond, I hope to share the “car daydreams” I have while waiting in airport gate areas, watching Speed Channel, reading Automobile Magazine, or driving down Newport Beach’s stretch of Pacific Coast Highway.  Up until now my thoughts on the subject were limited to what someone could see from pushing their nose against the side window of an Audi R8 spotted in the parking lot of a grocery store.  Now it’s time to open the door, get in, turn the key, and take it for a drive!

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  1. Dad permalink
    January 4, 2011 1:00 pm

    It’s about time you shared your passion with others. Looking forward to some great Blogetts! A Deep Vroooooom! That’s a ’66 Vette, 427 / 425++ HP heading down PCH 1, looking for adventure.

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