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So after much thought, and some encouragement from my wonderful fiance, I have decided to start 2011 with a blog.  This space will hope to satisfy two needs I have discovered in my life lately:

1.  to find an outlet in which to exercise my writing
2.  to organize my passion for automobiles in a somewhat meaningful way

I have had subscriptions to automotive magazines since the age of 8, tinkered with cars a bit here and there over the years, and currently live in what I consider the “mecca” for car nuts…Southern California.  This is an experiment in putting into words the thoughts I have throughout the week about cars; what’s new in the marketplace, what should and shouldn’t be happening in the business, cars I’d love to have in my garage, and whatever else comes to mind.  Thanks for checking out my page and I look forward to seeing how this experiment pans out.

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